Andronik Khachiian and Aleph Escobedo

Andronik Khachiian and Aleph Escobedo

Somewhere Over the Rainbow


-> Nov 29 2023 – Dec 30 2023


today open 12:00PM 6:00PM

Unión presents Somewhere Over the Rainbow with the work of Andronik Khachiian and Aleph Escobedo.

On the one hand, a creative exploration of the nature of the relationships that the resident artist, Andronik Khachiian, builds with the world and with himself.

For the exhibition, he transforms the union artistic residency into an intimate space where the past meets the present, growing into the future. The series of intricate drawings depict surreal and sometimes disturbing landscapes inspired by the longings of a broken heart. These ghostly panoramas that resemble enchanted forests and turbulent storms serve as a projection of the emotional life of the artist, whose romantic illusions were shattered by heartbreak. As the series progresses, the visual clarity of the tumultuous environments gradually becomes calmer and softer. The drawings are accompanied by an archive of personal photos that tells the love story from a different angle, transporting the viewer to the intimate area of another person's private life, to their memories.

To transcend the formal boundaries of categories within art and nature, showing their interconnectedness, Khachiian invited several artists to collaborate on his exhibition, contributing their artistic visions of nature.

The first artist, Aleph Escobedo, presented his interactive sculpture: A Work of Art like a Spore, made from a paper spore. The piece will be 'growing' during the month-long residency, fueled by the environment around it. Aleph, as a metabolizer of the physical and mental space in which the work takes place, will undergo a psychotropic experience every time he adds a new element to the work to generate a continuous conversation between him and the environment through intuitive gestures.

— Unión