Bea Bonafini

Ghosts for a Post-Modern Tale

Jan 27 – Mar 27

Chihuahua 135
Roma Norte
By appointment

LAAA (Laboratorio de Arte, Arquitectura y Arqueología) presents Bea Bonafini's exhibition, Ghosts for a Post-Modern Tale, the first edition of “No Más Shipping Por Favor”. ⁣

In Ghosts for a Post-Modern Tale, Bea Bonafini strips down human beings to their essence and presents a series of works in which human flesh and bones are intertwined with the skeletons of maritime creatures. The apparently abstract figures, made of stone, felt or gouache on paper, challenge the viewers to go beyond what they know, dissociate their memory from what they see, and create new connections that may help express the unconscious, coming closer to the unknown. By methodically tracing the contours of bones from different species and juxtaposing them on the same plane, the artist gets hold of our inner order and prepares it for disorder - a new dimension in which society is no longer superior to nature, but all creatures are equal and interdependent. Each Ghost is just like an exercise for the brain, tricking viewers into seeing what they couldn’t see before: that an inhabitable world for humans depends on a kind of nature that does not have humans at its center; that we should have never been modern. The materiality of both the stone sculptures and the felt tapestry are a reflection of the inherent concept of the exhibition: they encapsulate time and history, they question the linearity of the anthropocentric view of evolution, and put into perspective our existence on earth alongside that of minerals and other living beings.

* We would like to thank Déjate Querer, for their help in the production of Commingling. For this piece, the fabric was dyed with a mix of chemical and natural pigments, the shapes were CNC cut based on the artist’s drawings, and then assembled and sewed by hand.

— Louise Carla Sala

Photo: Ramiro Chaves @whitebalancemx