Ben Yisrael

Ben Yisrael

A Dead Poets Society


-> Dec 13 2023 – Jan 11 2024

KOIK contemporary

today open 12:00PM 6:00PM

By appointment

KOIK Contemporary presents at its new location A Society of Dead Poets, an exhibition by guest artist in residence Ben Yisrael.

The body of work echoes the poetic cadence of poets such as Pablo Neruda, Maya Angelou, Amiri Baraka, Walt Whitman, and Allen Ginsberg. In this exhibition, contemporary visual artist and poet Ben Yisrael explores a world in which the lines between the present and the past blur, the poetry of the past paints a picture of a visionary future.

A defiant sonnet, a scathing indictment of contemporary cacophony, the “A Dead Poets Society” Exhibition takes us on a kaleidoscopic tour of emotion and time. Reading these literary titans' allows us to see the modern world through their eyes, with all its paradoxes and complexity, and to find our way through the intersection of innovation and ritual.

The incendiary genius of Ginsberg's howl, the whispers of Whitman's cosmos, Baraka's gut-wrenching truths, Angelou's invincible stanzas, and Neruda's explorations of tenderness — The artistic fire of our exhibit is ignited by these rhythmic vibrations.

This performance is more than just paying tribute; it's a rallying cry against the ordinary, a call to challenge, interrupt, and rethink the stories that connect us. Envision digital landscapes pulsating with the rhythmic pulses of "Somebody Blew Up America," sculptures dancing to the exuberance of "Leaves of Grass," canvases bleeding with the intensity of "Howl," and installations echoing the resilience of "Still I Rise."

In order to pave the way for a future when poetry is woven into our society's fabric rather than relegated to books, this exhibition represents a dynamic confrontation with the past. An interactive manifesto: "A Dead Poets Society" invites you to question, disrupt, and, most importantly, dream of new futures through a living, breathing excavation of our shared history.

— KOIK Contemporary