Fourth edition

Art fair

-> Dec 1 2023 – Dec 3 2023

FAIN is an in-person art fair that generates an unprecedented, intimate and personal connection between people and artists, without any type of intermediary.

The fair will take place during the weekend of December 1, 2 and 3, 2023 from 12 to 8 p.m., as a tour through some spaces related to artistic creation in Mexico City, where it will be exhibited and put on sale. the work of the 27 artists selected for this edition, who will be distributed in the 6 FAIN Houses, located in the Condesa, Roma and Santa María la Ribera neighborhoods, as follows:

● Casa UC (Av. México, Condesa): Nayeli Santos, Arantxa Solís, Catalina Barroso Luque, Tania Baca, Luz Paniagua, Michel Ortega, Chuma Montemayor, Andrea García, Rodrigo Navarro and Antonio Flores..

● Casa Athenea (Calle Chiapas, Rome): Athenea Papacostas, Alejandro Berrocal and Marce Roldán

● Casa Yanin (Cda. Colima, Rome): Yanin Ruibal, Paulina Fi Garduño, Santiago Puente and Elisa Pinto

● Casa Equis (Dr. Enrique González Martínez, Santa María): Marta Moreno, Ben Stephenson, Catalina Gris and Uriel López

● Casa Darinko (Dr. Mariano Azuela, Santa María): Darinko Chimal, Manuel García Díaz and Aleph Escobedo

● Liza and Raúl House (Naranjo Street, Santa María): Liza Saldívar Salazar, Raúl Cadena Rosas and Christian Becerra

The headquarters on this occasion will be the Casa UC, presented by the Bachelor's Degree in Communication and Arts Management of the University of Communication, located a few steps from Parque México in the Condesa neighborhood. In addition to the 10 artists who will exhibit and sell their work in this place, a small sample of the work of all the artists who are part of FAIN 2023 will also be exhibited, so that in one place you will be able to see what you like most. like to help you decide which FAIN Houses to visit during the weekend. From Casa UC you can travel to the rest of the venues, in a happy, relaxed, FAIN format, perfect for discovering the new talents of emerging art made in Mexico City.

There will also be the presence of editorial projects such as Alias Editorial, which considers valuable references of contemporary art, creations that have not been translated and disseminated in Spanish, or whose previous editions are discontinued or have never been distributed in Mexico; The Third, an independent project focused on the editing, development, design and production of photobooks and artist books; Roga editions, the editorial project of Casa Roga, which is dedicated to the publication of art books, focusing on the intersection between graphics and image with the aim of being a platform for creation and experimentation around the book as a device in the contemporary art; Mi Valedor, a social project that – through a bimonthly magazine, workshops and the construction of healthy support networks – provides an opportunity for social and labor reintegration to vulnerable groups (homeless people, migrants, older adults and people with disabilities): the supporters; Beibi Creisi Press, a micro-publishing house of drawings printed in risograph, as well as a platform for gifs and digital illustrations, all made by morrxs and dissidents, located in Santa María la Ribera; among others.

In addition, on Saturday, December 2 at 4 p.m., this venue will feature the presentation of a very special meeting between Luz Paniagua, FAIN artist in this edition, Jorge Rosano Gamboa, FAIN artist in the 2020 edition, and Diego Beyró,, founding artist from the Casa Equis gallery and co-founder and co-director of FAIN, entitled “New perspectives in art: between selection and rejection”, moderated by Érika Malo, editorial coordinator of Coolhuntermx, the medium that presents this interesting talk. Also, that same day, at 5:30 p.m., the FAIN artist, Catalina Barroso Luque, will present the performative reading “Mother of Pearl.”

It actively promotes quality emerging art, while building a bridge between people interested in seeing or purchasing works in an accessible way with their authors, who are promising artists who were selected by a specialized jury that reviewed 467 applications, received by through a public and free call.

For this edition, the 4th in Mexico City, the jury was made up of Ana Castella,, director of Salón ACME, Kerstin Erdmann from the Galería OMR and director of the Master's Degree in Contemporary Art, Markets and Business at CENTRO, in alliance with Sotheby's Art Institute, and Brett Schultz, creative director of the Feria de Arte Materia. They were in charge of reviewing, evaluating and carrying out the final selection of the 27 artists that we will be able to meet along with their work during FAIN.

With the aim that people interested in art can expand (or start) their collections, as well as – above all – support new generations of artists, responsible for some of the most interesting proposals of today, all FAIN artists They will have at least one work of no more than 5 thousand pesos and none over 60 thousand.

In addition, the fair accepts all payment methods: credit cards, debit cards, transfers and cash. Even cryptocurrencies! It will even have interest-free monthly payments through its online store, which will be open during the fair and available after the event, until February 1, 2024.

Likewise, FAIN has two types of tickets: the single one, which includes access to the UC House and a FAIN House of your choice, as well as re-entry during the 3 days of the fair, for $150 pesos; and the VIP ticket, which includes access to the 6 FAIN Houses, $500 pesos credit on the purchase of work, a drink, mobility between the houses, re-entry during the fair and access to the FAIN Party in El Babalú, above the Ríos Hall , on Saturday, December 2, for $500 pesos.


Tickets available here