-> Nov 16 2023 – Jan 23 2024

Galería Mascota

today open 11:00AM 6:00PM

Galería Mascota presents More an exhibition of the works of Wyatt Kahn, Otto Piene and Machteld Rullens.

“A zone of silence and of pure possibilities for a new beginning”
— Otto Piene about the ZERO Movement.

Inviting to delve into the visions of these three artists, exploring the common threads that weave through their works. During the post-war period, artists Otto Piene and Heinz Mack gave life to the ZERO movement. Through their works they sought peace, to enliven hope and to foster a meditative atmosphere. Colors, shapes, and dimensions were subjected to transformative processes, expanding to occupy exactly the space needed. His art was an alchemy of materiality in pure energy.

Otto Piene set aside conventional materials to explore the interaction of colors on paper, guided by his own hands. Piene and his contemporaries proclaimed "Red" to be the concrete color par excellence, seeking a hue that harmonized light and energy, recognizing the inherent vitality and vibrational essence in each shade, and black as a color of mystery, hiding secrets that incite the imagination.

The art of Wyatt Kahn and Machteld Rullens enters a minimalist realm, experimenting with materials and forms, arguably echoing the movement. Their works serve as a contemporary continuation, reflecting the movement's influence on art today. Through the minimalism of color, the artists delve into an exploration of light, finding a quiet sanctuary in simplicity. Wyatt's creations function as meditative spaces, devoid of color and "traditional" forms, yet rich in depth and contemplation. Materiality prioritizes substance over symbolism, the absence of color becomes a canvas for serenity.

Machteld Rullens’ work captures the essence of stillness and elegance, pushing her works into territories where the boundaries between form and void are blurred, revealing simplicity and the echo of serenity, inviting contemplation and introspection. Her practice involves the transformation of everyday materials, often focusing on the use of cardboard boxes. Like Piene and Kahn her use of solid colors helps to beckon the infinite nature of imagination through shipping boxes and the mystery of its contents. More encapsulates the essence of the ZERO Movement, exemplifying the power of color and form in a meditative atmosphere. Through the careers of Otto Piene, Wyatt Kahn and Machteld Rullens, this exhibition becomes a testament to the possibilities of artistic expression. The alchemy of materiality, energy and exploration of light, and the sanctuary of simplicity converge, echoing Piene's vision and movement.

— Galería Mascota