Paloma Contreras Lomas

Paloma Contreras Lomas

Sombras nada más (Espíritu TV)


-> Nov 11 2023 – Jan 21 2024

Pequod Co.

today open 11:00AM 5:00PM

Pequod Co. announce a new exhibition by Paloma Contreras Lomas titled Sombras nada más (Espíritu TV).

Sombras nada más (Espíritu TV) is a multimedia installation that comprises softie- cyborg sculptures, a new set of 3 large scale paintings, drawings, and two videos.

The show centers on fictions that derive from two reenactments about historical events of which no official records exist. Coming from an auto-biographical, affective investigation about her own family, The Mist and The Hill (stand-ins for the artist’s father and uncle) give testimony of events that took place during their childhood and teenage years in Acapulco during the Dirty War.

More than a family or documentary report, Contreras Lomas intends to play with the representation of the subsoil, the bodies, and the idea of the Mexican terrain as a forensic archive in a country where opacity reigns and multiple truths circulate. The Landscape is our ominous narrator in the project who, in the end, is the only one who can be trusted.

— Pequod Co.