Prótesis. Lenguajes corporales

Prótesis. Lenguajes corporales

Curator: Mariana Lagunes


-> Nov 30 2023 – Jan 20 2024

El Palmar

today open 10:00AM 6:00PM

El Palmar presents the exhibition Prosthesis: Body Languages where they participate with works by Fernanda Barreto, Valeria Montoya, Lucía R and Sandra Sánchez.

Curated by Mariana Lagunes.

From the observation of the body, its need to sustain itself, to expand and to reinvent the ways of being, of prostrating and of showing its performativity; This exhibition seeks to investigate the depths and the limits that converge between space, objects, matter and the fusion between bodies.

Prosthesis is an exhibition that talks about the body's tendency to entropic expansion. Of the search for space and giving meaning to the countless materials and forms that are capable of subduing, sustaining and complementing each other.

— Mariana Lagunes