Sandra Pereznieto

Sandra Pereznieto



-> Dec 9 2023 – Jan 28 2024

Museo Anahuacalli

today open 11:00AM 5:30PM

The Anahuacalli Museum presents Vaivén, the new exhibition by Mexican photographer Sandra Pereznieto, curated by Karla Niño de Rivera.

This exhibition will occupy several architectural spaces of the Anahuacalli Museum, an ideal environment to highlight contemporary art and the artist's distinctive approach through the lights and shadows among the scree where the museum sits.

With her photography, Pereznieto explores the subtlety of the simplest moments of everyday life, through which she connects with what moves her deeply, sometimes a simple silence, other times an explosion of joy, a constant nod to tenuous moments that They allow us to quiet the noise and listen to ourselves. In this exhibition, photographs transcend conventional visual registers to become intimate narratives that invite viewers on a journey of connection and reflection.

In Vaivén Pereznieto uses the transparency of her images to establish a dialogue with the elements of Anahuacalli: stone, light and its shadows, nature and the environment; thus opening a random space where new relationships with the observer can occur. The exhibition, under the expert curation of Niño de Rivera, is an invitation to trace a path towards our own essence and to experience the transparency that allows a genuine connection with others. Her proposal, a brave act of emotional nakedness, fuses the visible with the invisible, creating a space for authenticity and empathy.

The Anahuacalli Museum and Sandra Pereznieto want this exhibition to not only celebrate the beauty of photography, but also inspire visitors to connect with their own essence and experience transparency in its purest form. The exhibition will be available to the public from December 9. We invite everyone to experience this profound and emotional exhibition of contemporary art.

— The Anahuacalli Museum