Gafar Oluwabori


7 feb – 1 abr
Inaugura el 7 feb | 5:00 PM – 9:00 PM

Galería Enrique Guerrero
Calle General Juan Cano 103
Ciudad de México
hoy abierto 10:0019:00

La Galería Enrique Guerrero presenta la exposición individual Chronicles de Gafar Oluwabori.

No amount of what life has done to you while trying to make the best of who you’re that can permanently changed your dignity. The best part of life is to see yourself working along the rightfully direction even though the life is not easy as you thoughts also the life it self is an unseen spirit that has to be manifest for a special ambitions.

I had a readiness mind towards the gesture of art languages that are yet to be seen with a natural eyes of a man and the most important aspect about my artistic ideology is that it gives the impression of an African expressions among Africans Historical backgrounds.

Whatever that comes your way is what you need to fight for but don’t be discouraged by what is a head of you. My believe is that there’s time for everything in life, we just have to wait for the best and be the best you.

— Gafar Oluwabori