Onda MX is Mexico art radar

Our mission is to promote Mexico’s vast and vibrant art scene and to make it accessible to a wider community.

Created in 2018, Onda MX is a digital platform that helps locals and visitors to discover and stay up-to-date with the art scene. By connecting spaces, artists and art lovers, we aim to strengthen the city’s artistic community and encourage art buying.

Onda MX delivers information about what’s happening now —exhibitions, events, and cultural activities— and provides curated content about local artists as well as about art exhibited throughout Mexico City, Guadalajara and Monterrey, for now.

To provide a more comprehensive and mobile experience, we have built an app that is completely free, bilingual (Spanish-English), and available on either iOS or Android.

The app allows users to plan their visits by providing them with a map of galleries, independent spaces, and museums, as well as a personal calendar of ongoing exhibitions and events. It also allows them to bookmark spaces, events, and their favorite curated content. In addition, Onda MX gives users access to its permanent, continually updated archive of projects and exhibitions.

You can stay up-to-date with the mexican art scene by downloading the app, by subscribing to our newsletter, or by following us on Instagram.


Founder and director: Joséphine Dorr

Editor: Sandra Sánchez

Authors: Stefanía Acevedo, Antonia Alarcón, Fernanda Ballesteros, Christian Camacho, Verana Codina, Omar Elizarrarás, Bruno Enciso, Nicolás García Barraza, Natalia Garza, Mariana Lagunes, M.S. Yániz, Julián Madero, Sofía Ortiz, Sandra Sánchez, Fabiola Talavera, María Cristina Torres Valle Pons, Eric Valencia, Mariel Vela, Carolina Magis Weinberg

Traductor: Byron Davies

Graphic design: Aldo Arillo

Development: Daniel Polo

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We are infinitely grateful to all of our backers, partners and collaborators, without whom we wouldn't exist.

Huge thanks to each of the artist who donated their works and to our backers who supported our project during our crowdfunding campaign to create the app.