Ana Roldán & Otto Berchem

Ana Roldán & Otto Berchem

In collaboration with the Vision Institute


-> Apr 11 – May 25
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Pequod Co.

today open 11:00AM 2:00PM

Pequod Co. welcomes Instituto de Visión as invited gallery to its space during Condo Mexico City 2024 presenting Two of Us, a show by Ana Roldán and Otto Berchem.

Departing from the spirit of collaboration promoted by Condo - an initiative that generates exchanges between local and foreign galleries in diverse cities - and emphasizing affective and professional bonds between projects trough time, we are honored to be able to offer a glimpse of Instituto de Visión’s program to the Mexican scene until May 25th, 2024.

Just as the line represents the distance between two points, the landscape is drawn from the experiences of two or more observers. This exhibition, which revolves around landscaping as a cross-cutting theme in art, encompasses video, painting, and sculpture. The idea of landscape has been constructed from a set of inherited and personal concepts and contexts involving more than one subject. Two of Us brings together recent works by Ana Roldán and Otto Berchem, proposing different ways of addressing landscape as representation and as a zone of conflict.

— Pequod Co.