Condo 2024

Condo 2024

In collaboration with Galleria Franco Noero & Sophie Tappeiner.


-> Apr 12 – May 27

Galería Mascota

today open 11:00AM 4:00PM

Galería Mascota participates in CONDO 2024, hosting Galleria Franco Noero & Sophie Tappeiner.

Founded in Turin in 1999, Franco Noero is distinguished for his commitment to showcasing projects that traverse various artistic languages, with a particular emphasis on conceptual practices and the radical exploration of artistic research. Gallery Sophie Tappeiner, based in Vienna and established in May 2017, is dedicated to fostering a critical space centered on intersectional feminism, the body, and the interplay between our existence and its impact on the surrounding world.

Franco Noero will be presenting works by Jason Dodge, Lothar Baumgarten, alongside a photogram meticulously composed by Mario García Torres. The dialogue within this showcase aims to invite viewers to perceive each object from distinct perspectives; In the case of Dodge, he challenges us to see the poetic potential in a simple piece of fabric, and like poetry, the meaning of the work stands next to the specifics of what is woven into each piece. Meanwhile, Baumgarten's artistic works are distinguished by his exploration of ecological themes, often inspired by his travels among Native South communities. His reflections on the historical problems associated with colonialism arguably find better expression in site-specific works using words, such as wall paintings. Meanwhile, García's artwork consists of a catalog of endemic plants from the region of Monclova, Coahuila in Mexico, documenting the artist's attempts to seek out different possibilities. These pieces have been made through a process that involves printing shapes using iron powder on linen fabric, followed by its subsequent oxidation.

Sophie Tappeiner will present a dialogue between paintings by Angelika Loderer and Anna Schachinger, alongside sculptures by Irina Lotarevich. The juxtaposition of Loderer's and Schachinger's work initiates a discourse between the subconscious and the physical realm, capturing figures and non-objective forms in fluid movements and open-ended moments, offering a myriad of possibilities as to what will happen next. Complementing these, Lotarevich's sculptures are shaped by the intersection of her subjective experience with broader systems. The minimalist yet intricate and specific forms of her sculptures allude to architecture, bureaucracy, labor, and elements of her own body.

Presenting for Condo, the artwork “Housing Anxiety2” consists of thirteen keys hanging from the side of an aluminum box, making a resemblance to the precarity of housing systems, creating the perception of a cold and numb object corresponding to the growing anxieties that come with Item. Also, the role of the material being steel, non-immune to the human touch and reacting to the environment, creates a whole metaphor within the piece.

Additionally, Galería Mascota will present a curated selection of artworks that delve into the profound connections between humanity and the industrial landscape, as well as the traces of everyday life. This exhibition will feature works by esteemed artists including William Anastasi, Marie Hazard, Wyatt Kahn, Michael Ross and Charlotte Vander Borgh.

Among the showcased pieces will be Charlotte Vander Borght's "Someone, No One, Anyone" series, which delves into the realms of the unknown, shedding light on the abstractions inherent in public transportation and the interconnectedness of individuals. Conversely, William Anastasi's monumental work "Conic Section," dating back to the late 1960s, will be displayed. Comprising rods used in reinforced concrete construction, this piece challenges conventional spatial orientations by arranging rods horizontally on the floor, gradually transitioning to a vertical alignment against a diagonal strip on the wall. Through this juxtaposition of vertical and horizontal elements, Anastasi imbues his work with an exploration of inverted meanings and directional ambiguity.

Furthermore, Marie Hazard's weaving technique serves as a bridge between the industrial and traditional realms, intertwining past and present. By incorporating photography into her artworks, Hazard infuses her pieces with a biographical dimension, culminating in deeply personal expressions of human connection. Notably, her inclusion of a self-portrait within the weaving further underscores the intimacy and depth of her artistic vision of her.

This exhibition endeavors to offer a multifaceted exploration of each artist's unique perspective, while simultaneously highlighting the interconnectedness fostered through their diverse approaches to material experimentation, ranging from industrial mediums to traditional weaving techniques. Through this synthesis of artistic expression, Galería Mascota invites viewers to explore the multifaceted aspects of the human condition and interrelation showcased throughout the exhibition.

— Galería Mascota