Louise Rouzaud

Louise Rouzaud

La despedida


-> May 1 2024 – May 5 2024


today open 12:00PM 7:00PM

Laguna is hosting Louise Rouzaud's frist solo show, curated by Joséphine Dorr.

La despedida is a reflection of an experience with grief and separation over time. It relates a process of transformation in response to the absence of an intimate figure that is both essential and suffocating. The materiality of the ceramics, the symbols and the vocabulary of lines that make up the work embody the link between the present moment and the specter of memory.

In addition to the opening reception, there will be a closing event on Saturday, May 4 from 6 to 11pm with the desintegration of a piece by fire.

Louise Rouzaud (b. 1990, Narbonne, France) is an artist and architect based in Mexico City since 2017. Her practice focuses on the intangible qualities of space and objects through emotional perception and fabrication processes.

With the support of Laguna, Onda MX, Mezcal Verde Amarás and Cerveza Minerva.