Mario Rodríguez

Mario Rodríguez

Esculturas sonoras: una exploración de los componentes mínimos del entorno


-> Apr 13 – Jun 1

Servidor Local

today open 10:00AM 3:00PM

Servidor Local presents Esculturas sonoras: una exploración de los componentes mínimos del entorno, individual exhibition by Mario Rodríguez where he reflects on the auditory memory of manual and artisanal work spaces based on the electronic intervention of his objects and tools, for the generation of sound pieces.

The exhibition Esculturas sonoras: una exploración de los componentes mínimos del entorno is the continuation of Mario Rodriguez's sound, material and technical exploration in projects such as “Jirones Sonoros” (SACPC 2021). This exhibition focuses more specifically on two craft workshops: a body shop and painting workshop, and a traditional barbecue kitchen. Investigate the sound identity of each one, reproducing it in objects/speakers extracted from each workshop. The contrast of the sounds and objects found in both workshops are as opposite as the place that each one has in the cultural imagination. Tinsmithing is usually associated as a typically masculine, rough and dirty activity. Traditional cooking is usually understood as a feminine and delicate work where hygiene and ancestral knowledge are celebrated. The exhibition brings together both scenarios and invites the viewer to experience them from their sound.

Curatorial text: Fernanda Escárcega.

Mario Rodríguez Jaramillo (Pachuca, Hidalgo. 1989). Object designer and sound editor. He graduated from the Industrial Design degree at the Cinema and Television Design Center (CdMx, Mexico 2011-2014) and from the Sound & Music Recording program at Recording Arts Canada (Toronto, Canada 2008).

He is a scholarship recipient of the Young Creators program of the System of Support for Creation and Cultural Projects (SACPC), of the federal Ministry of Culture in the 2020-2021 generation. He has specialized in the development and technical operation of sound objects. He has been a design consultant for film industry projects and art installations. He has also worked as Fabien Cappello's assistant since 2017.

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