Wyatt Kahn

Wyatt Kahn



-> Feb 6 – May 19
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Museo Anahuacalli

today open 11:00AM 5:30PM

The Anahuacalli Museum presents Fantasmas Wyatt Kahn's solo exhibition, as part of Mexico's Art Week, the most prominent art fair in Latin America.

Comprising over 20 sculpto-paintings, Wyatt Kahn's Fantasmas seamlessly integrates into the dynamic space of the Anahuacalli Museum, where the artist's work transitions between painting and sculpture, exploring the abstract and the figurative, the flat and the three-dimensional.

Diego Rivera and Juan O'Gorman's vision, founders of the museum, intertwines with Wyatt's, with the Anahuacalli reflecting artists navigating across disciplines. Karla Niño de Rivera, the museum's curator, describes Kahn's work as an intermediate experience, challenging classification and requiring discovery.

Kahn's pieces raise questions about their nature, questioning whether they are sculptures or paintings, objects or subjects. Despite their abstract appearance, the artworks derive from everyday observation, incorporating recognizable forms alluding to the human body.

The exhibition plays with complementary opposites, suggesting depth within flatness and dynamism within stillness. Kahn's art radiates energy in empty spaces, light, and the gaps between elements, drawing inspiration from rock formation and the patina of time on forgotten stones.

Fantasmas will be on display until May 19, 2024, encompassing both the exterior and interior of the Anahuacalli Museum. The contemporaneity of Wyatt Kahn's work engages in a dialogue with the museum's permanent collection, enriching the exhibition with mesoamerican art pieces gifted by Rivera to Mexico.

— Anahuacalli Museum